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      "Are they married?" I softly asked Harry at the first opportunity, but he could not tell me. He knew only that Ferry had been expected to arrive about an hour before midnight; if he arrived later the wedding would be deferred until to-day. On our whole ride we met no one from Gallatin until near the edge of the town we passed a smiling rider who called after us, "You-all a-hurryin' for nothin'!"

      "I suppose you can lay hands upon him at any time?"

      To learn to chip and file is indispensable, if for no other purpose, to be able to judge of the proficiency of others or to instruct them. Chipping and filing are purely matters of hand skill, tedious to learn, but when once acquired, are never forgotten. The use of a file is an interesting problem to study, and one of no little intricacy; in filing across a surface one inch wide, with a file twelve inches long, the pressure required at each end to guide it level may change at each stroke from nothing to twenty pounds or more; the nice sense of feeling which determines this is a matter of habit acquired by long practice. It is a wonder indeed that true surfaces can be made with a file, or even that a file can be used at all, except for rough work.

      (1.) What should determine the social rank of industrial callings?(2.) Why have the physical sciences and mechanic arts achieved so honourable a position?(3.) How may the general object of the engineering arts be described?(4.) What is the difference between science and art as the terms are generally employed in connection with practical industry?For a few moments the Clockwork man struggled along with a succession of staccato sentences and irrelevant words, and finally seemed to realise that the game was up. "I can't go on like this," he concluded, in a shrill undertone. "I ought not to have tried to talk like this. It upsets the mechanism. I wasn't meant for this sort of thing. I must go now."

      "A vulgar one," said Lawrence. "Robbery either from the person or indirectly. I don't see how anybody could possibly be jealous of a poor misshapen creature like that. We can put the socialistic element out of the case. Have you found anything?"The traffic grew quieter, only a solitary pedestrian or a tramping policeman passed the house. Then came a firm footstep that paused before the house, with a suggestion of listening or waiting for someone on the part of the wayfarer.

      He did not answer promptly; but when he did he said "Yes--sing that."


      "On what charge, may I ask?" she demanded.If dies are fixed, the clamping mechanism to hold the rods has to run with the spindle; such machines must be stopped while fastening the rods or blanks. Clamping jaws are usually as little suited for rotation on a spindle as dies are, and generally afford more chances for obstruction and accident. To rotate the rods, if they are long, they must pass through the driving spindle, because machines cannot well be made of sufficient length to receive long rods. In machines of this class, the dies have to be opened and closed by hand instead of by the driving power, which can be employed for the purpose when the dies are mounted in a running head.


      He sat down rather hurriedly, on the couch, and the Doctor scanned him anxiously for symptoms. But there were none of an alarming character. He had not removed his borrowed hat and wig.Gifford murmured something about the honour and pleasure. There was no vehicle to be seen in the dark street besides the gleaming mass of brass and steel that quietly simmered by the pavement.