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      He compared his present feelings with the miserable humiliation he had endured in '65. Queer!that election seemed almost as real and vivid to him as this one, andhe did not know whyhe found himself feeling as if it were more important. His mind recaptured the details with startling clearnessthe crowd in the market-place, the fight with Coalbran, the sheep's entrails that were flung about ... and suddenly, sitting there in his arm-chair, he found himself muttering: "that hemmed g?ate!"

      Nothing whatever about the ceremony to-morrow, he said.{243}"Stephen, will ye restore the child?"

      Why should I give up the catalogue? she said. I have no intention of doing so unless you tell me to. My business is to finish it.

      "Aye, aye, burn the court-rollsburn the court-rolls!" ran from mouth to mouth. "We defy the lords to claim rent or service then."

      "If that child takes after his father," said Holgrave, "he will have pride enough."


      Good-bye, she said."I dare say you won't have toI'm not staying out all night."


      "But now Iwell, it's too late anyhow. I'm a married man, no matter that my wife's in Canada. Of course, I could git a divorcebut I w?an't."


      "Prepare yourself then, lady," said Sir Robert, and he resumed his seat.