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      "I am sure he would not. He would do his uttermost to atone. And so would Ialthough I do not pretend to be half so good a Christian as he is. I would do all in my power to atone for any wrong I had done to one I loved."

      Beyond the heath the road climbs a hill, upon the brow of which stands the great house or palace of Belfayre, its white vastness standing out so conspicuously that it dominates, but not vulgarly, the whole scene.

      Always eager to marry his officers, he was often very peremptory about it."I've an engagement for this eveningbutyes, I'll get myself excused, and spend the evening with you, if you really want me."

      As Saint-Aubin had long been sold, her brother now called himself M. Ducrest.

      "I'm afraid that some day you will venture so far that you won't be able to get back again, and will find yourselves drifting away to America," said her brother.

      "Go and talk," she said, waving her hand to Isola and Hulbert; and then she clambered up a bank opposite that tower of other days to get a vantage ground for her sketch.


      All right, said Esmeralda, Im quite ready. But what shall we do with these things?"Shall I write and ask her to come to us, Martin, or will you?"


      The following afternoon, at the hour appointed, he drove the mail phaeton up to the door, and Esmeralda, who had been quite ready five minutes before the time, clapped her hands, and uttered an exclamation of delight as she saw the pair of splendid horses.CHAPTER V


      "But I shall take a house at San Remo, Allegra. Do you expect me to turn innkeepercharge you for your bed and board?"