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      Even Selvaine can enunciate a truth in a jest, he said. She is an angelin my eyes; as she must be in yours, Traff, and he laid his hand approvingly on his sons.Thou art the star--"

      Listen to the dogs! they shouted. Ere the battle has begun, they talk like conquerors. Do the bragging fools suppose they can blow the cliff over with their snail horns?A cry, a sob, went up to Heaven, and Trafford, who had not fired at all, was in time to catch Esmeraldas sinking form to his heart.

      Oh! my lord, my lord! he gasped, and turned back into the room wringing his hands.Oh, Trafford, he said, disgustedly. He seems to have dropped tennis and everything that is wholesome. He and Ada have been stalking up and down the terrace talking books or the improvement of the working classes, as if they werent bad enough already. If I went and asked Trafford or Ada to play, theyd stare and smile at me in the superior way that makes a man want to go and shy stones at his grandfather. And as for Liliaswell, Id better not express my sentiments about that young lady.

      N-o, my lady, stammered Barker; and she obeyed. What will your ladyship wear, then? she asked.





      "Oh, but you're farther from fair than ever, Captain Kincaid; you got my word for one thing and have used it for another!" She turned and they tardily followed their friends, bound for the gangway. A torch-basket of pine-knots blazing under the bow covered flood and land with crimson light and inky shadows. The engines had stopped. The boat swept the shore. A single stage-plank lay thrust half out from her forward quarter. A sailor stood on its free end with a coil of small line. The crouching earthwork and its fierce guns glided toward them. Knots of idle cannoneers stood along its crest. A few came down to the water's edge, to whom Anna and Hilary, still paired alone, were a compelling sight. They lifted their smart red caps. Charlie ventured a query: "It's true, Captain, isn't it, that Virginia's out?"But could not the Valcours, those strangely immune, yet unquestioned true-lovers of poor Dixie, whose marvelous tact won priceless favors for so many distressed Dixie-ites, have explained for the Callenders? Flora had explained!--to both sides, in opposite ways, eagerly, tenderly, over and over, with moist eyes, yet ever with a cunning lameness that kept convincement misled and without foothold. Had the Callenders dwelt up-town the truth might have won out; but where they were, as they were, they might as well have been in unspeakable Boston. And so by her own sweet excusings she kept alive against them beliefs or phantoms of beliefs, which would not have lived a day in saner times.