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      Yes, certainly, said Trafford, to whom the facts and companions of her past always seemed misty and almost mythical. Do you think he would come and pay us a visit? Ask him. We should all be glad to see him; glad to see any friend of yours, Esmeralda.

      Mother Melinda laughed againchuckled, rather.

      More presents came pouring in. The duke sent a loving message and a set of pearls, with a reminder that the Belfayre diamonds would be hers on the day of her wedding. Lilias sent a simple ring, which had belonged to her mother, and Esmeralda valued it more highly than anything else she had received.There not many minutes later you might have seen the four men amicably gathered and vying in clever speeches to pretty Mrs. Callender and her yet fairer though less scintillant step-daughter Anna.

      As they approached the hut, Varley took hold of Normans bridle.The duke, leaning on Lord Selvaines arm and his ebony stick, looked extremely well and happy, and the people pointed him out to each other and talked about him in awed and delighted whispers. Lord Selvaine, with his white hair and serene smile, attracted almost as much attention; but serene though it was, there was a touch of triumph in it.

      Take them off! said Esmeralda, almost fiercely. Are you deaf?Unhappy Callender House! Whether "oppressors" or "oppressed" had earliest or oftenest in that first year of the captivity lifted against it the accusing finger it would be hard to tell.


      Dropping to trifles they mentioned a knife, a rather glittering gewgaw, which, as evidence, ought--


      For a moment a little tremor ran through her, and her hands clung to his arm and a mist rose before her eyes; but[227] she set her teeth hard and turned swiftly to answer some one who had spoken to her. Trafford took his father to the door, as usual, and the duke murmured a few words of congratulation.