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      Hell be here presently, says Simon. You shoot the mare, as arranged, and fire straight, or shell be off, and Ill cover Bill. He may make a fight of it, for hes precious proud and fussy about that mail-bag o his; but Ill persuade him into reason.

      Ask the duke, if he comes in again, to please come to the London Docks, E side, as fast as he can, he said. He drove to the docks. Outside the gates was a shabby coffee stall. It was not the first time Norman had roughed it, and he ate his rasher of bacon and drank the coffee without outward grumbling. If Trafford would only arrive!

      There were plenty of volunteers for the task of recovering the pony, but Varley remarked languidly that Bill and he were sufficient, and they decided to start after Bill had got his wound washed by Mother Melinda, who, as chief nurse in Three Star, was sent for.

      Ive found this! said Norman, eagerly. Its a sheet of paper with a piece of stick stuck through it.

      He stood looking at her, yet scarcely seeing her. He did not know how to break the otherand far worsenews to her.[305]

      Her thought was of him. Her mind's eye saw him on his homeward ride. It marked the erectness of his frame, the gayety of his mien, the dance of his locks. By her inner ear she heard his horse's tread passing up the narrow round-stone pavements of the Creole Quarter, presently to echo in old St. Peter Street under the windows of Pontalba Row--one of which was Flora's. Would it ring straight on, or would it pause between that window and the orange and myrtle shades of Jackson Square? Constance had said that day to Miranda--for this star-gazer to overhear--that she did not believe Kincaid loved Flora, and the hearer had longed to ask her why, but knew she could not tell. Why is a man's word. "They're as helpless without it," the muser recalled having very lately written on a secret page, "as women are before it. And yet a girl can be very hungry, at times, for a why. They say he's as brave as a lion--why is he never brave to me?"


      Why did you marry me?This is an outrageous business; and but for you, sir, it would have been a very serious one. But for you and your brave companions we should have been robbed and probably murdered. We desire to express our gratitude, and we should like to know the name of the gentleman to whom we are so deeply indebted.


      His ride?